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Beaked Filefish (Orangespot Filefish) (Leatherjacket filefish)

Here's a fish that's both ugly and beautiful. This fish helps to iilustrate why Jen and Dan went to the trouble of providing the scientific names for most of the images; If you look this guy up in three different books, you'll find three different common names. Often we just pick the name we like best.

2003:09:09 12:00:23
Island: Bali
Dive Site: Padangbai
Speed: 1/100 sec
Aperture: f8.0
ISO: 64
Exposure Compensation: 0.0
Exposure Program: Aperture Priority
Focal Length: 21 mm

© 2003 Dan & Jennifer Meriwether
Oxymonacanthus longirostris